Warehousing with Interior Office Systems


When we at Interior Office Systems talk about keeping things organized, we don’t mean manila file folders alphabetized in a wire organizer. We mean knowing your inventory. And not just how many desks, chairs and tables you have in storage, but what shape everything is in. After all, you can’t know what you need if you don’t know what you have. So, let us keep you organized with warehousing solutions. Whether you store your excess inventory at your site or in our warehouse in Los Angeles, we can keep track and manage everything down to that last filing cabinet.


The great thing about knowing your inventory? Our interior designers can outfit any upcoming projects with products you already own or even combine existing inventory with new pieces to achieve a great new look for less money.

Should you choose to store your excess inventory at our warehouse, you should know that you can easily see what you have via our web-based inventory system, and we can distribute whatever you need quickly and efficiently. Hooray for organization!

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