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office space planning

Design Space Planning

Our Office Furniture Space Planning Services Have Been Proven in the Workplace.

You’re faced with a big project. Your company is expanding and you need to ensure all furniture designs meet the needs of all users, stays within budget and reflects the way your company works. Or, equally intimidating, you have to consolidate offices and re-design existing spaces to be more efficient than ever. And, you want to ensure everything fits the new space while staying on budget. 

At Interior Office Systems, Inc, we’ve combined traditional design principles with our own unique office furniture space planning services. The result is a proven, four-step process that ensures the workplace design integrates with your building, culture, brand and budget.

Pre-Design (getting started, also sometimes called “programming”)

The Pre-Design stage is the time to gather information. Our design team meets with you to discuss project goals and gather requirements. We can also meet with anyone else who may have valuable feedback to offer, whether it be your end-users, consultants, or design firms.

We visit your jobsite, or, if it’s under construction, study the completed design drawings. Plans of existing conditions are created, often with verified field dimensions. If the project focuses on reusing existing furniture, we’ll also do an inventory.

Design Development (understanding what you’re getting)

In the design development phase, ideas are explored and concepts tested. Drawings show you adjacencies of department, people, and support areas. You get a chance to see actual workstation designs. (We call them “typicals.”) Selections will be made and presented for all the products used on your project. The adjacency drawings are updated to reflect your final product choices. Our designers are trained to describe the design process clearly and in plain terms, so you understand exactly what you’re getting, every step of the way.

We can also help with the selection of all finishes, upholsteries, and materials. Sometimes, we’re also asked to help select some architectural finishes, such as the paint, wall and floor coverings. We can provide you with this feedback, and then create finish plans for you or your contractor.

Project Documentation (getting it all down so you can order it)

In the project documentation phase, all the products you’ve selected are documented. We call this the “specifications.” Everything you want is now ready to be ordered. At the same time, we create furniture installation drawings noting the type, size and placement of every piece of furniture.

If your product selections involve electrical components, we recommend access points and ensure they coordinate with building systems. We also take the extra step of auditing plans and specifications. Your final specifications are accurate for the application, meet all necessary code compliance, and all order quantities are exact.

Design Services

IOS researches planning and design alternatives to assist our clients in meeting their corporate facility objectives.

Corporate dynamics are on the move. Job Sharing; Teaming; Telecommuting; Rightsizing; Hoteling; these are concepts that the professionals at IOS can clarify and apply to the advantage of our clients.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics are issues that are carefully detailed by the IOS designers, thereby addressing the human side of facility design.


Every office is different, but they all need one thing in order to be functional: furniture. Choosing the right products for your office can be difficult, but our office furniture procurement services make it easy to get the correct pieces for your needs as well as the needs of your employees. Interior Office Systems offers expert advice and suggestions that allow you to plan your space well for the furniture that you would like to use. Going through the complete procurement process with our client allows us to give them the best service possible.

Whether you are on the lookout for desks, storage solutions, or shelving, IOS provides the products that make your life easier. We have the know-how required to help you set up the most efficient office space so that you and your employees can get the job done quickly and on time. Because we have served so many companies by providing them with office furniture procurement services, we have a knack for planning the best layouts for any space and determining the most appropriate choices in size and shape of furniture pieces.

Furniture Procurement made easy!

We know that our clients want to save money, especially during these tough economic times. We are dedicated to getting the best deals on furniture for each of our clients. Not only do we search out and find the most affordable pieces, we take the time to help our clients make a budget and then we stick to it. While we certainly look for the best low-cost office furniture options, we do not sacrifice on quality. The pieces that we obtain through our office furniture procurement services are top-of-the-line, so you can feel confident that your furniture will endure the test of time.

When you are in need of help setting up a new office space or rearranging your existing space, do not hesitate to let us help. Our skilled staff members make the procurement process simple and painless, leaving you with the best results possible.

office furniture installation


Proper installation services are every bit as important as selecting the right pieces for your office space. Nothing creates headaches faster for employees than improperly installed furniture systems. The Installation Team at Interior Office Systems can install just about any type of workplace product imaginable. They are experts in furniture systems, and can install either newly purchased products, or existing pieces you’d like to relocate. 

Whether your job site requires union or non-union workers, we can accommodate your needs. Interior Office Systems has an outstanding industry reputation for installation services thanks to the proven processes we follow. The planning phase of installation begins long before the product arrives.

The Process 

The planning process begins with a meeting between your Interior Office Systems account executive, the furniture project manager, and the lead installer. At this meeting, the team reviews project installation drawings, and specifications. The team determines complexity, manpower requirements, product delivery, schedule and site needs. The date for your office furniture installation services is set, and specific installers are assigned to the job. At the time of installation, the crew reviews all on-site project specifics. They locate staging areas, take care of necessary building protection, and establish the route that trash will leave the site. Products are brought in using a pre-planned sequence that allows workers such as cable installers or electricians to complete their tasks. When the installation is completed, the crew ensures everything is clean, complete and fine-tuned to the customers’ satisfaction. The lead installer roams the site to double-check for any last minute issues or adjustments needed. Then, the team quickly gets out of the way, so you can unpack and get back to work.


When we at Interior Office Systems talk about keeping things organized, we don’t mean manila file folders alphabetized in a wire organizer. We mean knowing your inventory. And not just how many desks, chairs and tables you have in storage, but what shape everything is in. After all, you can’t know what you need if you don’t know what you have. So, let us keep you organized with warehousing solutions. Whether you store your excess inventory at your site or in our warehouse in Los Angeles, we can keep track and manage everything down to that last filing cabinet.


The great thing about knowing your inventory? Our interior designers can outfit any upcoming projects with products you already own or even combine existing inventory with new pieces to achieve a great new look for less money.

Should you choose to store your excess inventory at our warehouse, you should know that you can easily see what you have via our web-based inventory system, and we can distribute whatever you need quickly and efficiently. Hooray for organization!

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