COVID-19 Back to Work Kit



What’s Included:
(2) 3-Ply Face Masks,  (5) Pairs of 4mm Nitrile Gloves,  (1) Hand Sanitizer Bottle (5 oz.) ,  (10) Hand Sanitizer Sachets, (1) COVID-19 Official Carrying Bag
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• (2) 3-Ply Face Masks
• (5) Pairs of 4mm Nitrile Gloves
• (1) Hand Sanitizer Bottle (5 oz.)
• (10) Hand Sanitizer Sachets
• (1) COVID-19 Official Carrying Bag
Interior Office Systems utilizes several manufacturers for our 3-Ply Masks, KN- 95 masks and 4mm Nitrile Gloves. All of our COVID-19 products are manufactured in an FDA Registered facility.
All 3-Ply Masks, KN-95 Masks, and Nitrile Gloves are registered with the FDA.
For additional information, feel free to contact us directly.

In response to COVID-19/ Coronavirus, we have created a selection of back to work product solutions for Commercial Office Spaces,  Home Office Spaces and Restaurants. We believe that being prepared to go back to work during and after this Coronavirus pandemic is the best case of action. We supply all COVID-19 response products.


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