Office Cubicles

Office Cubicles sold and installed for offices in Los Angeles and around the world.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, we have an office cubicle design to address your company need, acoustics, appeal, office space friendly, etc..

As a full service Los Angeles Office Cubicle Seller, we are committed to providing you and your company with furniture and space planning to fulfill your office environment needs. Our experienced team will work to provide you with the expertise needed to meet your expectations for budget, aesthetic and management appeal. We have many years of experience, and most of our designs can be award winning. 

We offer a full range of Office Cubicle brands to match any budget, office space and appeal. There is no office space we can’t design to optimize your office space and utility. 

Growing in popularity, Office Cubicles have been a long time safe and reliable alternative to office spaces that do not cater to individualized private offices. Cubicles come in many different sizes and styles. The one characteristic that holds true are the high partition walls that provides their occupants privacy and distance from sound and visual distractions. Another benefit is that they often come with some sort of storage like drawers, cabinets and/or filing cabinets. Because of the nature of this furniture, durability is top of mind. This is specific to four things: chip, scratch, stain and water resistance. At Interior Office Systems, we are proud to have products that fit all of the above mentioned. Additionally, wire management is a very important feature that can not be overlooked. There is nothing worst than having wire all over the place that impede productivity and creates a hazardous work environment. The bonus of having a way to conceal and organize the endless wires at one’s desk makes all the difference.

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