RISE Adjustable Desking

Designed to adjust & evolve.

Achieve the collaboration and space utilization benefits of a bench system, plus the ergonomic health advantages of letting team members choose their most comfortable working posture.
Numerous size configurations. Contact us for a detailed overview.
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• Manufactured with high strength steel supports and cross braces.
• Electric motors exceed BIFMA cycle and strength standards.
• Available in single-sided, double-sided or 120 degree triple- sided applications, with multiple fixed or height adjustable return surface options and worksurface shapes.
• Option to create both adjustable or fixed height benches in same run.
• Easy access to power and data.
• Soft collision technology that halts and retracts when table surface meets resistance.


• Offered at fixed height or fluid programmable motorized option and are designed to meet the latest ergonomic standards for maximum health benefit.
• Multiple worksurface shapes to meet the needs different workstyles.


• Designed to adjust & evolve.
• Ready for a wired workspace.
• A benching environment that aims higher.

Embrace elegance in form and function.

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